Careful storage and the right environment is paramount to keeping your car in great condition both cosmetically and mechanically..

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Our Storage Facility

Our brand new unit on Battlefield Enterprise Park is built using the most modern materials to ensure the envirnoment inside is kept at a regular temperature and humidity.

We have monitored CCTV, fire and burglar alarms fitted to ensure security and extra security barriers to protect the main door way.

All cars are fully insured to a maximum of £2,000,000.00 per vehicle under our specialist insurance policy

Vehicle keys are NOT stored onsite.

Full exhaust extration system to allow the running of vehicles indoors without polution issues

Purpose build car storage ramps

Our Storage Packages

Plan A - Welcome inspection of vehicle and mini valet. Tyres overinflated to prevent flat spots. Car covered (customer supplied or supplied by us if needed) and car checked weekly. Fully insured

£25.00 per week (plus insurance premium available on request)

Plan B - Everything in Plan A plus fluid levels checked, engine run up to emperature and gears engaged ect once a month. We will also roll the vehicle weekly and connect it to a battery optimiser. Fully insured

£33.00 per week (plus insurance premium available on request)

Plan C -  Everything in Plan A & B and a bespoke plan made to your own specification, if your car requires any special attention, let us know

From £38.00 per week (plus insurance premium available on request)

Our Transport Service

We can pickup or deliver your vehicle with our open car transporter trailer. Every care is taken when moving your vehicle to make sure it arrives at its destination safely. Fully Insured transport Service.

MOT and Servicing tranportation available. If you have a particular garage or specialist you use and trust, we can deliver your car to them and pick it up again once its ready.

Price on application